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Matthew J. Bunkers, Ph.D.
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This is a picture of a deciduous tree covered in heavy snow. This is a picture of a windmill covered in ice from freezing rain with a red barn in the background.  This is a picture of a flooded roadway in a residential neighborhood. This is a picture of hailstones alongside a ruler. This is a picture of the tornado near McLean, TX, on 16 May 2017. This is a picture of smoke in the Black Hills National Forest during a prescribed burn. 

Examples of these weather consulting services are given here.

Certified Climate & Historical Information Consulting Services:

Reconstruct past climate & weather events using official and public information for a specific location, or analyze longer-term climate patterns, statistics, and trends for areas of interest

Observational Weather Data Analysis Consulting Services:

Combine, analyze, and interpret radar, satellite, surface, upper-air, lightning, and other data to understand the weather that occurred for a given case

Weather Reports & Expert Weather Testimony Consulting Services:

Write clear, investigative reports for litigation, insurance claims, or other matters using procedures that adhere to the Daubert standard and Rules 702 & 26, provide expert weather testimony, and evaluate reports from others

Severe/Hazardous Weather Analysis Consulting Services:

Use the official storm database, radar, satellite, lightning, and other datasets to provide information and analyses of hail, high winds, tornadoes, heavy rain, floods, lightning, fire weather, fog, heavy snow, icing, winter storms, and other events

Technical Editing & Freelance Writing:

Provide technical editing and scientific review for meteorological articles, books, and magazines; also can do freelance writing

Climate/Weather Training & Presentations:

Develop presentations for and provide training on topics of hazardous weather, introductory meteorology, climate, weather safety, and more

This is a picture of Bear Butte, South Dakota, in the foreground with a thunderstorm (cumulonimbus) in the background. Many of my consulting services and meteorologist cases deal with thunderstorm hazards.

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