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Email: nrnplnsweather@gmail.com

Specialties: I have a passion for meteorology, solving problems, and helping others. My specialties include forensic meteorology, weather and forecasting, severe storms, winter weather, applied climatology and meteorology, education and training, statistics, and technical editing.

CV and Fee Schedule: My CV and fee schedule are available upon request. I have a 3-hour minimum retainer, and bill in 10-minute increments. South Dakota sales tax applies for services delivered in South Dakota.

Phone: 605.390.7243 (mobile)

Northern Plains Map

Location: I am based out of Rapid City, South Dakota. However, given my background, I can provide consulting services across the northern plains, as well as the rest of the United States.

Relevant Experience

  • Recently, I have worked on cases involving (i) damaging thunderstorm winds, (ii) determination of winter precipitation type, and (iii) a general radar/hail project.
  • Previously, I worked with the Air Force and United States Forest Service to provide meteorological data and interpretation for an investigation of a C-130 crash that occurred in August 2012.
  • I was part of the Service Assessment team for the Rogers, Minnesota, F2 tornado that occurred on 16 September 2006.
  • I served the South Dakota legal system on 27 June 2005 by providing expert weather testimony for a homicide case.
  • I have reviewed over 80 papers for professional journals, and was recognized for this service by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Editor’s Award in 2004 for Weather and Forecasting. In addition, I was the keynote speaker for three conferences, a guest/invited speaker for 18 various events, and a presenter for at least 11 other local to national conferences, webinars, and/or workshops.