Serving your weather-related business and legal consulting matters

Matthew J. Bunkers, Ph.D.
Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Phone: 605.390.7243 (mobile)

Climate & Historical Information:

Reconstruct past weather events using official and public information for a specific location, or analyze longer-term climate patterns, statistics, and trends for an area of interest

Observational Data Analysis:

Combine, analyze, and interpret radar, satellite, surface, upper-air, lightning, and other data to understand the weather that occurred for a given situation

Reports & Expert Testimony:

Create clear investigative reports for litigation or insurance claims using procedures that adhere to the Daubert standard and Rules 702 & 26, provide expert weather testimony, and review reports from others

Severe Weather Information:

Use the official storm database to provide information and analysis of hail, high winds, tornadoes, floods, fire weather, icing, winter storms, and other events

Technical Editing & Freelance Writing:

Provide technical editing and scientific review for meteorological articles, books, and magazines; also can do freelance writing

Training & Presentations:

Develop presentations for and provide training on topics of hazardous weather, introductory meteorology, climate, weather safety, and more

Weather Forecasts & Outlooks:

Provide weather forecasts and decision support for specific events or locations, and produce seasonal outlooks for longer-range planning purposes