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Grain bin damage case:

Severe thunderstorms resulted in widespread wind damage in an area with marginal radar coverage. Using severe storm reports, surface observations, data from the four closest radars, and knowledge of severe thunderstorm signatures, the wind gust was estimated between 90 and 105 mph for the location where a grain bin was destroyed. This helped show that the grain bin was destroyed as a result of the wind (and not because of faulty construction).

Rainfall analysis case:

Rain fell during a time when an organization had insurance for at least 0.25″ of rain to protect against losses for their outdoor fundraising event. Initial estimates by another consulting firm showed 0.14″, which resulted in denial of the claim. A more detailed analysis of radar rainfall estimates and biases, along with nearby precipitation reports from several observers, showed that rainfall likely equaled or exceeded 0.25″. This analysis resulted in full payment of the insurance claim.